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Align True



These one hour sessions show you how to be alignment with your true self and understand the communication that is happening all of the time. When you align true you won't need anything outside of yourself to guide or heal you because you realize you already have access to the source of all guidance and health within. We can tune-in to ourselves and change our relationships to the experiences in our lives.


You will learn a natural method utilizing something so fundamental that it has been with you since birth and will be with you for the rest of your life. No substances, no gurus, no one taking credit for what you are doing, just gentle breathing and the infinite wisdom already inside you.


We are capable of mastering our mental health and wellness. In order to do so, we need to see ourselves clearly along with the strength that lies within us. Everyone has stories, but do you know who you really are? Do you see yourself clearly? What would it be like if you could always be honest with yourself? What if you had the answers for yourself? What if you didn't have to take someone else's word for it? What if the trust you are using externally was pointed internally?


Let's find out!

Meditation Class


"My experience was truly remarkable! The breathing exercise that he guided me through and the safe space that he created really allowed me to open into feelings and emotions that I didn't know where so strong. Initially the session brought about sensations of physical tingling that spread throughout my body that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt my body tense up and thru the facilitation of Joel's inquiries, slowly relax. It was cathartic to share the things that came up as a result of this exercise. Afterwards, the one thing that really has stayed with me, was how clear everything was! My vision, it seemed like a fog I never knew was there, or just had been accustomed to, had been lifted! The same went for the clarity of mind, there was silence. All my senses, just felt reinvigorated and new! It was like I was brought into a state of being I never knew existed!"

Chris C

"What an enriching and enlightening experience! I would recommend this to anyone, as we all need to check in with our mind and body on a more intentional level. It’s definitely a full mind-body exercise. This practice is led with care and competence, which is perfect for someone like me who needs to ease into new things. I felt supported and safe the entire time."

Lauren T

"That breathwork was something else. It was like ocean waves pulling my worries and stress away. Tears were flowing and I started seeing visuals similar to plant medicines. I was so relaxed after and had the most vivid dreams." 

Ray L 

"It’s a trusting space to say the least. You trust yourself and trust Joel to welcome whatever needs to come into that space. Whether it’s to heal an unconscious wound or simply re-center yourself, the space is yours to allow. Joel touches your shoulder to remind you that you’re safe; he stays by your side. His breathe becomes the rhythm, and the journey goes on."

Gordana M

"As I take Deep Relaxing Breaths, it allows me to let go of all other thoughts that enter my mind and truly take a time out for myself. My one hour session with Joel was comfortable, enlightening and a very positive experience. For the first time I really feel like I am in tune with myself without any interruptions which allows me to enjoy being in a state of peacefulness. Since my session, I have incorporated deep breathing techniques into several areas of my life, especially my workout routines and each night before I go to sleep. I love these quiet moments. I have discovered that these are the times that I truly pay close attention to how I am feeling physically and mentally. Thank you Joel for your training, guidance and care."

Janice T

"Guided through calming presence and steady guidance, I was transported to an incredible body tingling journey through the universe. The hour-long breathwork session slid into timeless moments of pure consciousness. Time and space collapsed into an expansive dimension of simply love and just being. Thank you Joel for this beautiful journey."

Shimul H

"Breathing, in and of itself, has been instrumental in shaping my mind-body connection. The guidance and techniques that Joel uses, enable me to really discover and reach depths I have been unable to do on my own. I feel freedom to explore these places under his wing, giving me the privilege to delve into my mind while being closely monitored. His ability to bring me back to a neutral place is so important. It stems from the trust established early into the journey, and to me, is the difference maker when submerging into my mind."

Paul B



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